With over 20 years of experience as a non-profit director, consultant, board member,
and volunteer, Susan Glenn has a 360 degree view of the non-profit sector. She uses
that perspective  to help worthy causes communicate their missions clearly and
Marketing materials
An inspiring national grassroots organization, the Black Women’s Agenda needed to update its
decades-old marketing materials.  After reviewing dozens of program documents, Susan boiled
down their core message into this compelling case for support.  A new tagline “Speaking for
Ourselves” emerged in the process, reminding the organization and its supporters of BWA’s role in
the African American community.  (Graphic design by MZ Addy, a Glenn Write service partner.)
Donor appeals
In tough economic times, Susan's appeals take
an upbeat, creative approach.  Here we cast  
WEB as the “Little Economic Engine that
Could.”   WEB supporters said they thought
annual giving letter creatively captured the
true spirit of the organization.  (Graphic design
by Glenn Write service partner,
Visual Arts.)
Event branding and
From initial concept, titles,
and taglines through ads,
e-campaigns, and print
collateral, Glenn Write
Communications has helped
communicate success for
major events such as the
annual YWCA Leader Lunch,
the Women Mean Bu$ine$$
Conference, the TASTE of
Success and more.