Small businesses don't usually have large promotional budgets.  Glenn Write brings
cost-effective, creative marketing resources to small business owners with the latest  
e-marketing tools and a network of talented service partners.
Our print and e-marketing campaigns
combine crisp copy and attention-grabbing
images to convey your message.  In this
web-based slide show for an upcoming
Holiday Expo for women entrepreneurs,  a
few words and great photos invite viewers
to learn more about the event.  Photos by
Glenn Write service partner John Moore of
Brown Media, Inc
When clients need
large-scale exhibition
displays and banners,
we send them to the
perfectionists at First
Floor Graphics.  Their
talented designer, Mary
Allyn Distler, is also the
brains behind the G in
Glenn Write.
Need a message
make-over?  We
collaborated with website
and graphic designer MZ
Addy  to completely
revamp the brand for
Women Entrepreneurs of
Baltimore.  We gave WEB
a new logo, website, and
a  full-scale e-marketing
campaign copywritten
and managed by Susan
Sometimes it takes market
research to help a  client
get a project "off the
ground."  For local author,
Missie Huber, Susan's
interviews and research
helped drive a new
promotion strategy:   
revamping Huber's website
to improve Amazon sales,
identifying speaking
opportunities, and creating
an e-mail campaign.
When developing a brand identity, it's crucial to start with a
clear image and a strong logo.  Glenn Write service partners
Redstart Creative have extensive experience in creating
brand identities and designing compelling marketing
materials. When Glenn Write refers you to one of our partners,
there's no hidden mark-up and no commission.  It's all part of
the service.